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I fucked my friend. We been good friends since we were little. I known him for 10 years. Anyways I always chill with him . And everything escalated so quick that we got to the point were we had sex. The bad thing is that he's taken. I know, its terrible he cheated. I dont know why but I like having sex with him. I dont even feel guilty idk why. We had sex more times than I could count. Its a no feelings thing, but somehow deep inside me I get jealous when theyre together. I guess I seen the side nobody has seen that somehow I have small feelings. I know I shouldnt but I lowkey like it. I know that he has absolutely no feelings for me. I guess its a best friend thing. I know I sound like a whore, I lost my virginity to him. Indeed, I am the side chick. I talk to this other guy but I would never have sex with him. I dont know why I gave my best friend my virginity just like that. Is it that I like him? That i wanted to see beyond?

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  • yeh real deep XD

  • If its making you feel like shit talk to him about it and if you still feel bad stop having sex with him. There are other fish in the sea

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