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I'm a complicated person. No one sticks around me for a long time. When I meet new people, we communicate for a week or so, maybe even month, and then they're gone again. I try to be my best and be a good person, yet nobody wants to be my friend.

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  • You know, one thing about relationships is everyone wants their share of it somehow. If you're only talking about making new friends, start by being a listener. People love listeners and people who can react to what the person is saying instead of doing a comparison to your own life. Most people will tend to find affinities with others who show interest in them. Try listening and replying on the related topic. When you get conforatble enough to the other person, you can add to the conversation with personnal experiences. Besides all of this though, if you've found yourself to scare people away, find the problem by asking a relative, (they know trust me) and work on yourself to improve your social skills afterwards. Cheer up bud and never let go.

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