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At the moment, there are many campaigns that are supposed to teach women to love their body, no matter what size they are. And I really appreciate that, I know that it's hard to get verbally attacked for the body you have. But in all these campaigns, there are only pictures of "curvy" or just plain overweight women. I have a naturally fragile build. I'm one of those annoying people that just don't gain weight, no matter what I eat, and that was actually a problem for me for a very long time, because I fell ill and was underweight for over 2 years, despite taking supplements and stuff. And now curvy women ridicule me for being skinny. And my friends shame me for eating so much, and are basically saying that I only eat that much when they're present to make them feel bad. What kind of world is it where it's socially acceptable to tell a skinny person: "You skinny b*tch, don't you know how ugly you look? I bet no one wants you. Anorexic wh*re." And then blaming of harrassing them because of their size? I didn't even react to their insults, but then they accuse me of insulting them, and when I defend myself, no one believes me that they were the ones insulting me for my size and not the other way round, just because I'm skinny. (Oh, and those two were not my friends - I just sat in a café reading and waiting for my friends to arrive when they just randomly started insulting me. Gee, thanks.)

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  • they're just insecure. ignore them

  • I mean this ,only because I knew someone who went through something similar. if you're still having trouble gaining, check your thyroid hormone levels in a few tests at a specialist. weight lifting also helps. You are beautiful I'm sure :)

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