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I cheated on my husband and he took me back, twice, over the same man. I was in love with that other man. I dont want to believe I still am. I have not seen him for six months. but I still miss him everyday. I facebook instagram stalk him and get jealous of his girlfriends. but I made my choice and cut tie with him. why do I still miss him so much? will it get better?

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  • you just need to go back to the other guy BC from this angle you are still in love with him. but don't drag your husband along

  • if you can't decide, don't get your husband involved in the process. he went through a lot for you. don't be selfish. do you even love your husband, at all? do you know how much this hurts for him? he has dealt two severe emotional blows from you and yet he took you back. and you're still at it? you can't have both of them alright? what is wrong with you? how could you do this to your husband? if you cut ties with him, why do you still stalk him? cut ties means you cut ties. no stalking no trying to build back connections with him no stuff you own that reminds you of him no leave an open door in case he drops by and hopefully sweeps you off your feet which will you probably then abandon your poor husband who loved you enough to take you back in with him twice even though you cheated on him. this, this is too much. make up your decision, lady. because you're just being selfish.

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