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The reality is that we will never achieve gender equality in this world. Because in every culture of our planet, it will always exist a sick man, a psychopath man, who likes to rape woman just for fun. (Just an example) Because, Psychopaths exist, and theres nothing we can do to stop them. And I am not saying that only male Psychopaths exist... 😑 But We sadly live in a sick, sick world full with sick people. And I also find hard to believe that someday we will be able to change the minds of a some retrograde society. Like India for instead. (I am not saying that all indians are ignorant, but I just watched the documentary "India's daughter" and I'm shocked) Stupid cultures exist all over the world. (Since ever) . And I understand these new feminist movements. But it's just really hard for me to think, that someday in the future, we will live in a better world with equality. Quoting Rust from True detective: "I'd consider myself a realist, alright? But in philosophical terms I'm what's called a pessimist." :/

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  • I'm used to it. I do something about it whenever I can, but that's about it. injustice will never cease. don't worry, we all get our retribution. it's the only brutal justice left

  • Men and women have an equal chance to be predators, so your argument is invalid.

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