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I have deep feelings for a friend I have remained friends with for awhile. I tend to be very emotional and caring, this girl seems upset, like she thinks that everyone hates her. I'm not sure if she likes me, but I like her, I love her personality and even at the slightest glance at her my day is instantly better, but there is one thing. What happens if she doesn't like me, and when I tell her about how I feel, she doesn't feel the same or, she is just shocked because I put her on the spot. I'm new here and I need somewhere to release and seek many opinions, I hope this is the place.

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  • What they said, and also maybe have someone ask for you if she has a crush in you.

  • Flirt her while you're still her friend. Make her fall for you. Be there for her always. Then you confess her that you likes her.

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