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I feel like the girl I have been in love with for years is slipping away from my grasp ever so quickly… She does not tell me she loves me anymore like she used to. I tell her every day that she is so beautiful and that I love her so dearly, but the words never come back in return. It all started when I made one lie but came clean. She is holding it against me and will not let me forget my mistake even though I try so hard every day to show her that I am becoming a better person. Every time we talk now she acts as if we are friends, but we have been together for so long. It hurts

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  • Try to talk to her about it. It's the only way. U hurt her and and of course it will take some time the heal the damage. But maybe even though she is trying she can't trust u anymore and is afraid of being hit again if she starts again.

  • You broke her trust, that's something you can't ever repair.

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