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haven't confessed in a while but I'm so angry I feel like it's a must so anyways, the boy I like and have liked for a while now asked me last week how I know this girl "marie" and I told him I was friends with her and haven't spoke to her and asked how he knows her and he said they matched on hot or not app and they added each other on fb and now I see that they follow each other on instagram! him and I have sex sometimes and I don't think he knows that I still like him and I refuse to tell him cause it'll push him away since we text everyday....I'm so annoyed! she even had a damn boyfriend! idk why she's even on that app if she's been with him for like 4 or 5 years now

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  • fake

  • it's worth a shot to say it anyway. it's better to try than never try at all. if it pushes him away, he's not the one for you.

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