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I say things that hurt people, it hurts them real bad, I guess to me words are just words and to everybody else they cut like a knife. I took pills before feeling really suicidal. One main reason was because my bestfriend was being horrible and my other bestfriend who isn't really a that much of a bestfriend was teaming up with her because I had said how I felt about her to the other bestfriend, and she went and told her even though she says just as much as me, but that was months and months ago, but a few months after she said she was feeling suicidal, she's never done anything before and she said she was deppressed all the time and stuff, but Im a bitch at night like if I'm on my way to sleep, and I wasn't there for her really, I just said she'd never do anything, and he was like thanks, even though I was there for you when you felt like this, so I said it was mainly because of you I felt like that in the first place, and you don't do anything, you said you would message my sister if I carried on, so I lied an said I didn't take anymore. My mum also has thrown my TV on the floor and smashed it my stamping on it, and has called me selfish and rotten to the core, and my dad has told me to drop dead. I will remember them words, but I forgave them pretty much straight away, so what I say makes people say things like that. Maybe I am evil and rotten to the core, but oh well, that's just who I am I guess, and I've tried to be the complete opposit, but when that's who you are, it's just who you are, but I just wish I was like it with everyone instead of the People I love so I didn't have flippin social anxiety hahah

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  • Sorry. Habbit. It's just, here, we use full stops when we're bin rude or annoyed sorta thing. It expresses how we feel in text.

  • Please use sentences and not just put freaking commas. I barely can understand your writing.

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