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i feel so much alone that i can almost feel my heart pounding under my chest. my parents got divorced 5 years ago im 20 now i stay with my mum . she went another city for 2 days for work and i stayed home alone going college etc.. when she wasnt around i felt so lonely that now im crying as im writing this here. life is difficult to me . even meeting new people and getting good grades beinf able to live is so difficult. i wish i had a huge family me having discussion with my siblings and havjng dinner aĺl together. so be grateful that most of you have their parents together

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  • having parenta together is a bliss. try to keep your mind busy all the time, enroll in as many actovities as you can, in this cases the best thing is to keep busy, go to the gym, go out for a walk, explore your city, start practicing some sport, but avoid to be quiet in front of a computer or that stupid box called TV.

  • I can be your friend too)

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