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Yay just found out my boyfriend is stalking random girls on Facebook again! Literally out of the six searches he made all of them were girls he's doesn't even really know . Every time I use his phone to do something I see that in the recent history he's searched for girls. Not even friends which I could understand but girls he barely knows, so disrespectful. He asked me the other week if it was okay to start messaging a girl he meet on a week school long trip ten, yes ten years ago, and never spoken to since all because she liked a picture he'd put up. I've seen the message's he's sent to other girls as well, nothing sexual but it's not normal to message girls you don't really know at one in the morning saying 'hey what's up?' It's bizarre and really disrespectful. We also barely have sex anymore despite being young and living together, it's about once every few weeks. I really just feel like shit at the moment.

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  • leave. if he's unstable and negligent of the one stable woman in his life. with you out of the picture at some point he's going to have to face the fact that he has a problem.

  • glass is broken, there is nothing you can do, things are getting worse. you both screwed things us.

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