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all my friends and family are getting marry young and i always wondered how does it feels like falling in love. i am 23 yrs old girl btw. and i've never been in love. never. because im always busy with my studies. i really do want to feel it myself how it feels like being in love with someone. sometimes i imagine how love feels like. i used to have a crush on this one guy but who cares he lives soooo far away and i dont even get the chance to meet him again because he rarely come back to our hometown and already have a girlfriend. that is why i dont really care. after him i dont have anyone else that i interest in. so that is that.. #myboringlife

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  • We are in a very similar situation, I'm a 21 year old guy. I did actually fall in love for the first time last christmas with someone after 6 years of continuous studying. She cheated on me twice lateron (dumped her). I hope I can find someone else soon. It's important that you do not neglect your studies if you find someone. Note that it's a random event if you find someone or not, it's not an "achievement" or anything like that. And please make sure you don't fall for a pretender!

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