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I, I just really need to take this off my chest. I'm always sleepy, tired, and oh, so angry. I just want people to leave me alone, but my mom keeps sending me out with people thinking I'm anti-social. I listen to music to drown out the noise of small talk and meaningless chatter, and even when I'm not, i keep my headphones on so I don't have to communicate with people. I smile, though, I don this mask so that no one knows. I've lost all interest in just about everything, video games, sports, even hobbies. Not even my best friends (who are in another country) know how many times I had to force myself to not hurt myself. I want this to just end, I want the pain and the sleepiness to stop, I want to find a kindred spirit. Want, want ,want, that's the only thing I do these days.

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  • keep wanting more and you will be suffering and feeling miserable even more. If you really want something move up your lazy ass from the couch/bed/chair and go for it.

  • are you a teenager by any chance

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