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Me and this guy that I really like finally got on good terms again, and we have always talked freaky and what not. But it wasn't till a week ago after like a month of not talking that we started talking again. So we were facetiming and he got really freaky and he wanted me to masturbate with him and to show him my intimate parts and what not. And this totally goes against my values. Yes, I wanted to do it. But I just wasn't mentally ready I guess. And we tried 3 times but those 3 times I'd get scare and I'd end up hanging up. Then he texted me and he told me how I was acting so immature and like a little girl and that it's better off to stay as friends because he can't be with someone that acts like that. And it gets me so upset that I have came to realize that even if he cared for me, he cared more about just wanting to see my vagina. Cause apparently communication, chemistry and everything we have is not enough for him.

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  • He'll then record it and shows it to all his male friends,,,, claiming to be super boy and saying he banged you! Don't do it... The girl i love, i won't even want to see her naked.. talkless of doing it online

  • 'This guy and me'... don't write like a redneck

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