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On my birthday late at night, my boyfriend pulled to the side of the park. We were arguing and I had gotten so scared of his yelling that I ran out of the car into the park. He didn't come after me. At one point, I just fell to the ground, still crying. Some guy started approaching me, and I tried to run off in the other direction, but he grabbed me. He dragged me to the lake and raped me. I still haven't told anyone about this, because of the shame I feel for letting that happen to me.

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  • First: It's not your fault. Second: Telling the police is a personal choice. Third: You need to tell *someone,* it doesn't have to be a therapist, it can be your mother, best friend, etc. No one is going to judge you or blame you for what happened. By speaking out you are helping others understand what you are going through and how to help you recover and heal. Do not stay silent. Bottling this up will only lead to further psychological problems in the future. It is common to suffer through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following a sexual assault. Realize that what happened to you wasn't having sex, it was sexual assault: having sex feels good, being assaulted is traumatic. You're going to experience trust issues. I stayed silent about being sexually assaulted and raped for 12 years... don't do what I did, don't stay silent... if I could go back and change one thing I would have seen a therapist or a counselor about what happened to me and I steongly suggest you do the same thing. Take care.

  • You really need to tell the police

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