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This might get a little big..but i don't care. I fell in love with a guy (long distance relationship). When we first met, he was funny, caring and supportive. He understood people very well. But all of a sudden, something snapped in him. He began hating on everyone. He told me that most of his friends were perverted, and would only treat women as sex objects-- this was, pretty much the reason of him hating everyone. But who knew, one day he'd turn like them. Not that he treated me like a sex object, NEVER. It was always clean between us. But he started treating me like sh*t. He used to fight every now and then and never used to let me do anything that i loved. I wanted to do something crazy in life, and not spend a life like most of them girls, having a part time job and stuff. I summoned the guts to ask him if he'd be by my side, and he rudely said that it would've been much better if he'd get another girl, someone better than me..and dump me. Not just that, he's called me a bitch/fu*cker, etc., just everything. I now feel like i should finally give up on this relationship, which pretty much gave me an anxiety disorder..and let him live his life freely with a "better" girl than me. I'd be happy for him.

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  • Gosh that sucks, there are guys out there who think the same that they don't want to live the casual life everyone does. I think finding someone else is the key for you. And please don't think that all guys are like that!!

  • Wow D: that's so sad..i'm very sorry :( the first part sounded exactly like my bf but it turned out good. Maybe he realizes that he did a huge mistake..it sometimes takes a bit time for boys.

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