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So I met this guy on hot or not and he is 21..... We have been messaging and snapchatting for six months now..... He knows what age I am but still messages me and we constantly exchange nudes... We talk normally also and he is actually really really nice! I am a virgin.... He doesn't know that but he wants to meet up (I live 2 hrs away) and I'm guessing he wants to do the dirty.... I kinda want to.....is that bad ? Advice needed .

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  • so It's been a few days since u posted this. how did it go?

  • 21 / 16? that's a huge age difference. But not that massive. You are clearly into this guy and he seems nice. Just use the general sensible guidelines. Meet him in a public place first and have friends know where you are. If you do decide to have sex: tell him you are a virgin. There is no shame in that. And do not have sex without a condom or lube.

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