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So our school's owner owns a big estate here and has built a camping site with dormitories separate for boys and girls. Outside of each dormitory there is a bathroom, toilet and a water tank with steps outside. So our camp was 6 months ago and that night I and my friends got so drunk that we climbed up the water tank and masturbated and peed inside it. The next morning I and my friends woke up like before all and this one mofo who was sober all night asked us " Do you remember that we all masturbated and peed inside the girl's water tank? ". This one question made us all dead for a moment and beat him up for not stopping us. We couldn't even remember anything happened that night. We quickly and secretly went to the girl's side, turned off the main pump and drained all the water inside and made that guy clean the tank. Then we all made sure that all were okay and went back to our beds but didn't sleep, we were so scared what will happen next. Then an hour later all woke up bathed and did all the usual morning things an prepared to go to our homes. Its been 6 months and only 4 of us know this and we are glad and sighed that we didn't make anyone pregnant indirectly through the shower.

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  • if that was possible we would all be pregnant all the time. coz guys jerk off everywhere

  • idiots. unless at perfect temperature and with preserving fluid sperm die in seconds

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