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I'm in love with my brothers best friend and have been for years now. I met him when I was 7, he was 12. He went away for a few years and when he came back I started falling for him. But he has a little boy now and a wife, they married when he found out she was pregnant. Me and my mom looks after the baby boy while he and his wife work's. I would love it if I could win his love but at the same time I feel bad for thinking this way because he is married. I love his little boy and his wife hates me. though I've never done anything for her to hate me. I'm 18 now.

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  • Don't take this the wrong way but if this is a movie i'd watch it. Just don't do anythong that could ruin their family let them do all the work ;)

  • she knows u want him.. the best advice is to leave that family alone!

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