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As an arab women seeing violence and how men could be so cruel and mean to women, I am now not trusting men even though they seem the sweetest. I wish to meet a good man, yes a good man not hot as hell, not a bad boy, a gentlemen. It breaks my heart to hear men like that are rejected, when I look at how some of us women are treated by fellow brothers I am glad I am out of my shithole country. I am muslim and I think my culture has failed my religion, religon says take care of women financially emotinally reality says get money because if you depend on someone to get food and shelter than you re not a equal and you should not let any human have such a power over you, religion says boys and girls are equal in front of god , reality shows guys are mostly privileged , get drunk and fuck with no social consequence , girls get master degrees and are watched to stay pure and cant find a match cause all they see is that injustice. Please dont be against feminism, please understand white people that it is very needed that girls are still married agaisnt their will parent monopolize the life decisions of sons and daughters. As a muslim I ll d say this anonymously though dnt let islam take over your land because very few are respecting it the prophet cleaned , did his chores was respectful and encouraged education of both sexes... in short I am deceived by my people by hypocrisy , why do they marry so much because marriage is a prison to woman where she get to obey her man and produce children work if she wills and still do all the chores, maybe there are different places with different dynamics but I cant seem to find it, We should stop saying it is only an exception we should fight terrorism, we should fight for our rights women, ask for a righteous mahr, have our share of heritage, wife beating is not acceptable and you re no slave to no man, gosh i am disgusted, when i come to my country I am scared I see men staring at me like beasts even though I am fully covered, I hear stories of rape and murder my friend not veiled inmy country was almost kidnapped and attacked many times , stop being hypocrites, our societies are shit, we failed ourselves we accepted slavery in the name of religion but as long as we live like second class citizens we ll not achieve much. I am happy I am elsewhere, I do pray fast and above all keep away from men because of all of this, I want someone good to take car of me as an equal but does that exist in the muslim community I doubt it it needed to be said our religion is dead , repect of god is dead respect of women is dead dont let the culture of opression invade your lands european, Americans , If i have to sacrifice my veil I ll do to never have to return to that shithole sexist hell I came from. Our men act like beasts always salivating groping and acting thirsty to a point where white women came to me and were like why are they like that, the virginity cult and disrespect of white woman has to stop too, I dont want to sleep with any man because I dont trust any muslim and since divorce is done for stupid reasons why become a used thing right because that is the sick mentality once non virgin : become whores, these non muslim women too are human how many time have i seen muslim men sleeping with white women and then looking for miss never touched for a marriage how many of my friends had to be used by them, I read a book that glorifies god and virtue I see a society of sexist hypocrites sex thisrty dominating brutes, how many tmes di my father beat my mother, are we worthless if not mothers? how many times did I see my mother fear divorce and silence her voice so she wont have to be seen as a bad women , a divorcee is worthless, you may tell and argue but deep down you know all of these are realities , how many wife beaten in public? thanks for reading this whole thing and prey for me if you re a convert and discovered god on your own I hope you stay good as our religion is supposed to be with respect not domination and opression.

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  • HI there; I am a muslim man from Pakistan. Your conversation spikes my interest as I observe actions that discriminate women in my society too. Of course not to the extent you mentioned but yes I feel the rules are rather stringent for women. I believe in my religion and I love Islam to the very core of my heart. It is my opinion that you respect the ingenuity of our religion too but the so called fake 'Islamic culture' makes it difficult for you to breathe in it. I don't care if you have converted away from Islam or not. All I care is for you to guide me what to change for when I am capable enough to change. I wish you the very best of luck, a brave heart to follow your passion and I look forward to your reply.

  • Darling I am glad you are safe and away from your home country. Not based on what country it is or your religion, but based whole heartedly on the fact no one should be subjected to that. This world is a sick place and people are using religious darma to justify rape, murders, humiliation, and abuse with there masculine arrogance. A honest and just gentlemen is rare for most are learning these traits. I hope from every day forth that you find such a man darling. With peace and love in your heart against injustice it will find many hardships and it will take a special intelligent man to see how special you are and respect you for that.

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