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I had a friend with benefits, but I met a guy that I could just chat to for hours and we really hit it off and ended up kissing, and when I told the guy I was friends with benefits with, he got really mad at me. Am I a terrible person, was I not supposed to see anyone but him? I feel awful, I didn't realise what I had done until now. I feel like a cheating whore even though the guy I was friends with benefits with said we were nothing.

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  • how were you supposed to know he'd have an issue with it when you were defined as just FWB? Seems like he has feelings for you that he didn't realize or wasn't ready to admit

  • I'm being friends with benefits with my ex boyfriend and he gets mad if a guy says hi to me... I'm the one who broke up with him when we became exs I took it back and told him I didn't mean it but he wouldn't officially get back with me. I think it's a pride thing because he treats me like I'm his gf and gets jealous still.

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