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I don't get it. To be success in life, we have to work hard and I believe we need to be thankful to God as well. However, why mostly those who are committed to God always have a hard life? Correct me if i'm wrong. I am quite in the middle. I believe in God. It's a way of life but I also feel like sometimes no matter how hard you try if it's not meant to be then it won't work. What's the point of all the hard work then?? Why didn't God help you?

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  • Most people don't need religion until they hit rock bottom. It's only when you're already a junkie, whore, sex offender, or $75000 in debt to a casino that you realize you can't do life and need some help from someone that can forgive your shit and let you talk to other broken people. College educated types with 401k's and timely mortgage payments are doing just fine and don't need a metaphysical handholding

  • I've once read a book that supported the theory that (positive) karma - also coming from hard work - is "delayed", i.e. you aren't instantly getting something positive back after doing something positive. The same goes for negative things. I believe that the same goes with the things you described. However, sometimes, things are also not meant to work.

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