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So I have this really shitty genetic disorder, that causes tumors to grow on and in the body at random, causes constant pain, seizures, and always accelerates as the person with it (neurofibromatosis, or nf for short) gets older. So it requires constant monitoring, Mris, some people have a lot of operations to remove the tumors, etc. I'm 27, and I had my last MRI at 19...now my Dr has caught up to me and given me the lecture. I know I have hundreds of tumors in me. I can feel them pressing on my lungs and stomach. I see them up and down my back. I hadn't had a seizure until I was 22, and aside from my first one, I've never been to an emergency room after having a seizure. My MRI is scheduled for the beginning of next month, and I'm considering skipping it. I'm afraid to know exactly what is in me. Ignorance is bliss?

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  • Another thought... what if you find much less than you anticipated? You know better than me, but I do have some experience with tumours and I know it's possible to have them without it being necessary to remove them. If you've been fine for this long, maybe after a scan the DRs will say you're not tumour-free but they obviously aren't a threat so no treatment is necessary. It might've just been anxiety making you worry

  • please dont skip

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