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My moms boyfriend hates our dog, whom we rescued and has no "real" training or anything, and wants her out. My dogs name is Leeloo, and we've had her for over eight years. My sister agrees with him and wants her out, I'm scared to say that I don't want her to go, even though he will sooner or later start hitting her for doing things EVERY dog will do if their left alone for a long time. It hurts to hear him talk badly about her, if he wasn't bigger than me and scary I would say something and try to get him to understand, but he is as ignorant and stubborn as a homophobe -- which he is. And the fact that if he finds out about my bisexuality scares me even more.

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  • Go to a shelter and talk to them about what is going on. Maybe Leeloo will find a family who loves are and will let you see he from time to time. If you are afraid she might be abused while you are not there, she needs to go to another family, but you seem to love her. It may sound cliche, but if you love Leeloo, you need to let her go and move onto another family who will love her even when she accidentally does something bad.

  • kill the man

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