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The only reason I work out, got LASIK surgery, started to dress better, opted for orthodontic surgery and acne scar removal therapy is to win back my ex fiancé. She left me six months ago and moved half way across the country in search of a better life for her and her daughter. I am completely heartbroken and just can't let it go. She was my first love and I want nothing more in life than to have her as my only love. Her falling out of love with me makes me feel so ugly and unwanted which is why I'm trying so hard to improve every aspect of my life to win her back. I feel hopeless.

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  • Her moving across the country is a pretty clear sign it is not going to work out between you two, man. I am not saying you shouldn't do all those things, but I am saying you should do them so you can find someone who is a better fit. I know you feel unloved and unwanted right now, but if you put yourself out there you have a good shot of meeting someone else who will want you. Do not pine for someone who clearly does not want or appreciate you. Work towards findning someone who will do those things. They are out there. Good luck.

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