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I feel like no one listens to me when I say I can't. They always tell me that I can if I try and I try just to show them that even if I try I still can't. And then they feel like shit because I was right and I feel like shit because I'm not good enough. If I say I can't I'm not trying to be coy, I'm not trying to be modest, I'm saying I CANT. It's not a lie and I wish people would just stop treating it as if it was.

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  • what are they having you do? is it something you can practice at? if that's the case, than it would be the effort you put into it. if it's something that is out of your league, than tell them to show you how first, than try. if you still can't do it, at least you have your all. it took one thousand attempts to make the lightbulb

  • What are thry saying you can do ? Not eveyone can do eveything. We can not judge the intelligence or abilities of a fish to walk like a dog. That being said we can't compare your strengths with anyone elses. Darling some may just be trying to push you for do not know any other ways to be.

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