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You're the love of my life, the man of my dreams. If god were to specifically create someone for me, it would be you. There is no one else I can be myself more than I can when I'm around you; you make me laugh, smile, and still to this day you give me butterfly's. Our love is something that's irreplaceable, and I know you're the man I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with. However in the last 6 months of our relationship we've been through great trials. Finding out your serious addition with alcohol and the effects it has on you has put a huge damper on our relationship. Your problem does not make me love you any less or more then I did before. We're going to have to deal with your dwi and alcohol addition for a very long time. I know when I look into your eyes, I see that gentle,.. kind,.. sweet man who would give me the shirt off his back just to see me smile. You still give me butterflies, and that warm fuzzy feeling. However I slowly see the effort deteriorating, not that you need to do all of those things to satisfy me. I have come to realize now you only have fun once you have had a drink. And yes if you were wondering, I've seen the mini vodkas in the freezer and the hidden beer cans under the bed. The reason I'm writing this is because I'm scared, I'm scared one day after all of our fun is over.. After were married and we have kids our marriage will plummet. We aren't married yet, however I do plan on marrying you. We need to keep our "chemistry" in line, since it decreased from 3 times a week to once every 3 months. I want you to know I love you, and I never want you to stop opening the door, I never want you to stop telling me my boobs look great after I take off my shirt. I want you to love me as much as you did the first time you told me. And I will promise to love you as equally.

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  • Are you talking to me?

  • If you hadn't talked about him about this yet or haven't showed him it, do it. He'll want to see this, it's a really beautiful confession and I hope the best for you two...I lost my grandfather because of alcohol, he kept drinking and drinking... Now my uncle seems to go the same way. So please, try to take him off that road, for the sake of both of you, I wish you the best!!

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