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I hate to say this but our sex is just rare and boring now. I still love you but it's something I want to work on. You can't just rock for 3 minutes then finish up!! 2 years ago there was passion and excitement not to mention the fact that it lasted a decent amount of time! I feel like you've gotten lazy but if I stop making the effort in an attempt to make you take charge I'm afraid we'll stop having sex all together :/

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  • why not put this here? when I joined confesster I assumed it was somewhere you could say things that you wouldn't normally say in day to day life, this person clearly needed to get something of their chest, while I agree that they should discuss this with their partner, they just wanted to say it here first! Don't be a douche! it's all well and good sitting behind a screen telling people what they should and shouldn't do but it's a little more difficult in real life!

  • Why put that here? I mean, there is definitely someone out there who needs to hear this from you, and you decide to tell _everyone_ except them? If you can't bring yourself to communicate clearly, your sex will suck.

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