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I really hate this, what is the use of having windows when you can't open them, just because of neighbors that doesn't want to be seen or something like that. It's not like I am opening it to see them, I need some air!

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  • Rationally speaking, I could remind you that humans need sunlight or they become disfigured because of a lack of vitamin D. If you planned to never leave your flat again, then you'd be okay because you have windows to let the light in. But the part of me that isn't a smartass totally agrees with you - why the f*ck do people make windows that don't open?! I hate that sooo much! Especially when I'm on holiday, and I'm in a place surrounded by tons of flowers and just want to let the air in because it smells amazing and the AC-air gives me nosebleeds because it's just dry and freezing. I hate it. And I really understand you. So don't mind me being a smartass at the start, it's a natural instinct for me and I'm fighting it hard to become a better person and just keep my mouth shut.

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