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Too funny to not share. I was eating my lunch in the park today because it's so nice out, and I over overheard an inquisitive kid talking to his mother. He was asking what the woman across the park was doing. His Mother explained she was nursing a baby. Concerned, The kid went on to ask what happens if mommy isn't around to feed the baby or she forgets. Tactfully mom explained that when her chest is full her body reminds her to get the milk out. The kid nodded with all the comprehension a toddler could possibly have. Some time later a very beautiful and exceptionally busty woman strolled down the path. And this kid, turns around and screams to her at the top of his lungs. FEED YOUR KIDS ALREADY LADY, THEY MUST BE STARVNG!!..... I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard.

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  • Kids say the darndest things

  • I literally just laughed

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