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I hate life more then anything ever, it's been a living hell. I hate my mum I hate everything about her and my family. I want my own life, my own family I wish I could start over again. I hate myself, I look in the mirror and just remember who I am a nobody with no future I'm ugly not the brightness guy around and I know that. I feel like I'm being lied to when ppl say I'm smart it feels like a big F*** u to me cause I'm know I'm not. And I'm poorer then shit I never finished high school my biggest dream was to join the marines but that was just a dream and no longer an option. My dad hates me I don't blame him I hate my self. I'm probably just gonna end up like an alcoholic like the rest of my family.

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  • shut up... stop complaining... and do something about it... the probably don't like you because you're smart but you're foolish. stop feeling sorry for yourself because that won't make your situation better. you made mistakes in the past but you still control your present

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