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I got married after 4 months of knowing this guy. He was sweet, spontaneous, flirtatious, funny, nice, caring, and all of this other stuff. Now 5 months later we got our own place, live together and it feels like we hate each other. He isn't the same person I married, he's changed. He doesn't say I love you anymore, his kindness has dissapeared, and I feel like he never wants to be around me. Sometimes I wish he would just hug me or tell me I look pretty but all of that is faded like I said. It feels like were pretending when we both know that it's over. The part that kills me the most is how hard I try to make it work while he gave up. I don't know what to do anymore. it's killing me inside.

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  • I have been with the same person for 2 years and even after that time I'm still learning about him. 4 months is not long enough to know someone adequately to say they have changed.

  • you fucked it, you could have live together witouth getting married just to see how things go, but you ate that fairy tale religious bullshit that getting married is happines, now you will have a divorce in your records, for life.

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