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I used to like this guy. He was very handsome and I liked him a lot. We started having problems because of the distance ( 4hrs away from each other ) and also because he started treating me as if I was immature. But guess what? I told him I wanted to stay as friends and he was telling me he wanted everything to go back to how it used to be and almost begged me to put aside all of this problems and to start fresh again. I didn't say yes or no. He called me that night. He got sexual and started ' talking dirty ' to me ( but I wasn't having any reactions to it ) then he was like ' baby I'll text you better '. We literally sent two messages and the next day he didn't hit me up or anything. Best believe that was the last time we talked. Ironic how you can say you like someone a lot. And then give up and go away without saying any word or giving any explanations. And no, he was not busy. He posted on ig all day long. And now i don't know if to block him from Instagram or leave him there so he could see that without him my life is way better. ( I'm prob gonna end up blocking him. I don't need to be updated of someone's life when they didn't really want me in theirs and lies about feelings. )

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  • Don't block him ..let him see that u r doing better without him :) as a boy I know that it would make him jealous and angry :P

  • fake

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