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Every time I go out with my gf, every time I end up spending money, sometimes it's not to much, but it's constant, there is not one day where I do not spend at least some money, I even started to calculate how much I can spend on food in a way that there's enough money to go out, I always ask for the cheapest option so she can order a more expensive one or spend more. The problem is, is not my money, I did not work hard for it, it's not even real money, it's credit. I am very afraid that one day this credit will end and so will my relationship, she got so used to me paying for everything, and she says that she has her "times" of course she does, I cannot have my times, but she can, because I'm driving, I'm paying, it's easy to have "times" if you are not the one backing them. I love her very much, but she could be more understanding, or not throw a fit when I cant take her to lunch and burst out of the car saying: I'm never asking you out for lunch anymore, you never can.

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  • if you both dont balance your expenses as a couple, you will end exhausted bro... move on

  • next time date with a real woman, not a gold digger girl

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