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Being unemployed is really starting to get to me, i go to interview's, dress well, im a nice guy, i dont do drugs, i did good in school (not great but better than average) and i get nowhere! sometimes i cry at night because i feel useless and hopeless because i ant get even a basic job!

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  • I've been there I put out resumes daily had sent out a stack about 8 inches thick in a months time got 2 interviews no job it took me 2 years before I got a job and it wasn't what I went to school for and it was 1/2 the money I made at last job just stick with it it will come and I felt useless for the 2 years I've been here 7 years and am making about 3/4 of what I made at the old job good luck to you

  • you'll figure things out eventually. don't worry

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