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the drug traffic in america could really take a hit if they decriminalize the addicts by making laws that anyone with the quantity of ten days or less of drugs for personal use only. because that's where the drug dealers and cartels get their money which is their big advantage against even the great police force the US have. by taking away their client base drug dealing and trafficking would realy take a blow.

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  • Also consider the business that is investing on the war on drugs.. dog training,tactical gear,helicopters,smoke bombs,hi tech machine guns,night vision googles,tactical training,cars,police motorcycles.. of course all of that is just a big ego-feeder and also a way to make even more money.. most arrests are made in the ''criminals'' homes,with their family and most of the times children eating or watching tv.. the real war is nothing like the midia shows..

  • it would be cool, but if this happened, the business for politicians would end.

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