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I was on my husbands phone and I saw his history with shemale.com chatterbate ( 3 big cocks, trannies, etc). This isn't the first time that I saw him on those site . I don't know what to think if he's watching that shit. I'm not against porn but all he's watching is trannie porn like admit your orientation and quit lying to yourself

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  • "like.. admit your orientation" "lying to himself".. right. Look lady, you have no business going through his phone, you have no business judging him on his fucking porn choice. So he likes to watch shemales when he jacks off. It could be worse: for example, he could be digging through your phone when you are not looking, violating your privacy and being all judgmental about it.

  • baby cakes, he gay...I can knock it off for u tho. think of him during, it don't matter

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