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sooo.. i think it happened again... met a girl, cool personality, similar to me.. and we liked each other.. i guess. she lives just a few miles away from me, i think.. why not ask her to visit her in spring break "i fly to Italy for two weeks, but i send you photos!" okay no problem. but she started to send me google images.. 3days ago, i get some.. and know a place on the photos.. its in Greece.. yay.. i ask her about it.. she says "my cousin made those photos, she said i just should use them" i ask her yo prove to me, that she is, who she says she is.. she asks "how? i would do anything!" she already send me pictures with her siblings..and.. other photos.. everyone knows what i mean.. didn't asked for them.. but i know it is her.. and some short videos too.. she doesn't has Facebook or something... her storys.. fit all the time.. but i dont know what I should think because of those google images.. if she had just said, thats she cant take any photos.. i wouldnt be here now.. but now im afraid to be lied to.. again..

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  • Ask her how does she feel about u and if she really does love you, just go see her be spontaneous dont think twice goodluck 😁

  • Does mirage exist ?

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