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I love staying at home that my parents often asked me to go out to hang out with friends but I don't. 23 btw.

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  • I love staying at my parents' home too but at least go out for a while

  • Do you still live with your parents? ... Well, if that's your thing ... I like staying at home, to - but to me, my home is not the same as the house I grew up in. As soon as I graduated the german equivalent of high school and had my A-levels, I moved the heck away from my parents. Out of the house, out of the village, out of NRW and even out of the freaking country! I'm living in London now, and I love my flat - it's awesome here. And my bed is the perfect place to spend my days. But I don't let my parents bug me about it. And I just turned 18.

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