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My girlfriend's parents, althought well educated, are ignorant as hell. They don't approve of her seeing me because I'm a transman and it's driving both me and my girl nuts. They said they would never allow me to step in their house to propose for my girlfriend. And as arabs, parents acceptance is a must in marriage. This depresses me.

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  • I'm sorry to hear that, but I don't find it hard to understand. As much as I support your right to choose your gender, I wouldn't want my daughter or son to come home with a transgender. For a start I'd like my children to have children of their own that are somewhat similar to me (i.e. not adopted). Being with a transgender makes that impossible. In addition, if I can help it I would prefer to have individuals who are not on the fringes of what constitutes normal at the dinner table. These are my preferences and I can imagine that these are broadly shared. That said, if my daughter would really deeply love you and wouldn't have it any other way I'd make a decent effort to try and accept you, because I'd care about her well-being. Hope this helps you somewhat in understanding where those parents of hers are coming from.

  • ughhh... it smells to religious stuff over here.... byeee... it could be contagious

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