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As stupid as it may sound, shyness has been (and still is) the biggest problem in my life. Every time I try to speak to a girl I like, I freeze. I can't talk, I can't make jokes. Nothing. At first, I didn't thought it was such a big deal. "It'll pass". But it's been two years since the last time I had sex. And the saddest part is that that's no the problem, the problem is how is this affecting me and my life. I have zero selfsteem, every time I go out and meet someone I like ends with my depressed as fuck. I don't know, it's probably all in my head but I can't make it go away. And all my friends can say to me is "go over there and talk to her". This problem is starting to make me hate things I use to love like meeting new people or party. Now I can't even go on without getting depressed every two weeks or so.

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  • have you tried using a card? if you meet a girl you like and can't talk to her, give her this card with something like "hi i'm X and your awesomeness/beauty whatever left me speechless". and then a second one with "no seriously stop laughing"?i know this sounds a bit stupid and some might interpret it as a horrible pick up line, but it could also work as an icebreaker... at least i would find that quite funny because no one has tried that move on me ;-) anyway best of luck!

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