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I'm a 20 year old boy ,and one day my 27 year old sister came to visit me,so we spent good time together,we went out for a dinner just like normal families and in those days i was going through a break up .my gf cheated on so I was so hurt ,actually I was never been soon hurt before .any ways we came back home and I just went into my room and started to cry.she was lying in other room .she heard my cry and came into my room and started to ask me but I didn't tell her anything. maybe I was just afraid that she would laugh at me and she wouldn't care cause she never loved anyone (she never had a bf) .she laid with me on my bed .and we she just tried to make me calm ..I don't know what happened.. but we both were too close to each other and she just said kiss me lips and I couldn't control myself .so I just kissed her like 1 min and then she jerked me off ...after that time ..we never did such thing... and I hate myself from that day ...:(

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  • Forgive yourself.. Jesus Christ died for our sins.. He did not condemn us, so neither should we condemn ourselves

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