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I posted a confession about coming back to school 2 days ago, and that my first day was awesome. Most people just approved it, and that's great - but I'm really shocked about the comments. They were so rude and mean! Everyone wrote it was just because of my looks, and one person even blamed me to have stolen my life story, even though the only thing I wrote about my life was that I was sick for a year and for that reason started school again one grade lower than the one I was in before, because they had already graduated. Only one person left a positive comment (thank you to that one person - you're awesome!), the rest basically told me that people only like me for my looks, which kind of means in return that my personality must suck. Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I am not ugly. And yes, I lost weight because of my sickness - because I was about to f*cking die from it!! I was always skinny and always looked pretty good, so that has nothing to do with it, I just fit in better with the people in my new grade because they are actually focused on academical achievements and they're not all a bunch of drug addicts like a lot of people from my old grade! Way to go, try and spoil my day, but guess what? In contrast to you bitter people who seem to live in a world where everyone is judged based on their looks and their weight, I live in a world where people appreciate kindness, intelligence and a sense of humour. Lots of people that are not exactly skinny are popular at my school, because they are nice and caring people, and even though I say "lots" - I live in a country where not every second person is overweight! Acutal overweight people are pretty rare here, and we don't care about weight and looks, we care about PEOPLE. And it's just plain mean to say those kinds of things to a girl who had her first positive experience after a year of going through hell! I am grateful for this site, and most people here are awesome and caring and helped me through a lot when I was sick and fearing for my life. But that was just plain mean and really, really rude. When someone is happy, then don't try to spoil it for them, who the heck does this kind of thing? Do you also run around and steal childrens candy? Get a grip, the world doesn't need people who just try to bring others down!

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  • The stream of emotions .. let it flow !

  • yeah there are some horrible people lurking around here. once I confessed about how rude people should stay away from the comment box, I got a lot of shit replies instead. anyways,it's great that your life is taking a great turn for the better now :)

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