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I've been with a guy for two years and I feel like I'm raising a kid. He's 26 and I'm 22. He's had life experiences of up and down and all arounds. He worked as a club dj making no money and here I am working labor jobs and full time. Very recently he finally got a some what decent job. I'm proud as all get out of him but we have been having difficult times. I want a man who will take care of me and make me feel he could be a leader in a future family. My guy doesn't. I want to believe when he says "I'm different with this and I'll show you and change" but he's said that many times. I want to trust him but I'm tired of waiting. I'm not sure if I should stay and see what happens again or explore other gentleman. I am still young... but my heart is so torn.

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  • I do still love him but without me, he'd be no where. I've not only taught him how to spin decks and teach him about sound, but I've helped him get into school. He dropped out and here I am with students bills, a guy who claims he taught himself how to dj, me working my butt off in the heat all day, and him chilling around. Yet my heart still loves him. My brain just doesn't see the point anymore. 😕

  • it is cleat that you dont feel a bit of respect for him, break up that relationship, you both are wasting your time... dump him and find a rich man is that's what you really want... women...!

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