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So I got this letter of forgiveness from a pretty evil person. They say that they have changed their ways, but I really don't believe they have. I don't really like open letters of forgiveness because 1.) it makes it seem to me that the person is absolving themselves of all the bad stuff they did without taking responsibility 2.) if you write back and say that they are full of it then they say "I'm in the right and I am the better person because you didn't forgive me." I am debating if I should write back maybe not a hugely nasty reply, but just enough to remind them that what they did was really awful and hard to forgive, but I am afraid they will pull the logic that I used in number 2. Any thoughts on this confesster readers?

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  • If I was in your shoes, there were only two ways of reacting for me. 1. I don't care about it any more and think the person isa huge idiot that will fail in life anyway, so I just toss the letter or write back one single word: "whatever". 2. I am still angry as f*ck and go absolutely crazy. I run around my house and go boxing to let off some steam. Then I sit down and think about how much I still hate that person. Possibility a): I hate this person so much that if I was in a room with them and a gang of rapists abusing a child and I had a gun with eight bullets, I'd shoot that person eight times. If this was the case, I'd look up the adress and do some pretty f*cked up stuff to them, because I'm a pretty evil person myself if I need to be. Possibility b): It's just the normal hate, like hating mondays and maths and traffic jam. I don't like them, but they're just a mild incoonvenience. Then I would write a letter back about what an ***hole this person is and how I'm never ever going to forgive them and hope they burn in hell or get reincarnated as a cockroach - whatever you'd like to believe in. As you may have noticed, I have a habit of swearing, even though I tried to hold myself back on this - I'd put the most eloquent and well placed insults in this letter I could come up with. That's basically it. There are websites that you can use to send actual sh*t to peoples houses. I don't know where you live, but I'm pretty sure that there is one in your country too. You'll find it on google if you need it.

  • I don't mean to sound harsh, but your way of thinking is very narrow. You should be humble and accept their confession to you. It takes a ton of will to muster up the courage to open themselves up to be vulnerable. I do believe that people can change their ways because at the brink of death, everyone searches for the tiniest bit of hope so that they can make peace with themselves and everyone around them. Be glad for the fact that this person has done it before their time is up because they didn't have to. It is a positive thing to be on the receiving end. I had a lot of people whom I disliked throughout my life. For good reasons and bad. But having ill will towards others will in no way benefit you. In fact, it might even ruin your day. Just think about it.

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