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you know how antireligious people say they'll see it to believe it... so since we can't see gravity it must not exist, we are on the ground as a result of the plosebo effect.

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  • I was just joking... and I'm better and science than I am at spelling... I just wanted to know how many people would get angry or offended. I'm a fucking troll

  • ... This would have sounded a lot less like Jaden Smith if you had spelled "placebo" right. Also, you can measure gravity, and you can see it working, so ... well, I don't mean to burst your bubble (lie, that's actually my intention), but you can thank every god you believe in that this website is anonymous, because you have just made a total idiot of yourself. Study a bit, work on your spelling, take a few courses on how to express yourself and science and then you can merrily skip into the real world and try to convince atheists all you like. You won't be getting any friends that way, but if a life as a lonely lunatic is your thing, then who am I to judge.

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