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So my half sister used to invite me over all the time because her bf worked until 5 n the morning and she never wanted to be alone..well one night when I was spending the night and her bf was gone she was sleeping and I walked into her room and looked at her while she slept and took my shorts off standing there with a rock hard cock I began pleasuring myself to her then I took it farther and removed her cover to see she slept with no bottoms or panties on I was looking at my sister's pussy I rubbed it she turned toward me still asleep I began trying to put in her mouth but she woke and thought her bf was home but it was me she woke asking if it was him I said no her still waking up she couldn't recognize the voice she reached for him but instead got my cock and she started jacking me off then she told me to climb in bed so I got between her legs and started fucking my sister her pussy so tight and made me want it more now but as I was doing this she was moaning and I was loving it I got faster but she said slow down baby still thinking it was her bf finally she said stop cuz she couldn't handle it anymore so I told her to suck my cock as she went to she must have realized something different cuz she stopped and asked if it was her bf I said no and told her it was me her brother and she just laid back down we haven't spoken about it since... but I want to do it again.. how should I approach her about it

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  • but what if he thought she knew it was him the brother and he took it as she wanted it too

  • fake

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