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I was a top student all this years and everyone admired me, but I feel so stupid. Most things I learnt have been erased from my mind, I have never had a girlfriend, I do not make friend easy and all these things make me feel insecure. I also feel like I have chosen the wrong university to follow and I constantly worry about my future. I think it's too much pressure on me.

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  • ... Are you sure you are not the male version of me? Because that sounds a lot like me ... You're not alone in this, there are people just like you. Stay strong!

  • enjoy the fucking life right now doing whatever you like to do and stop thinking bullshit... in about 5 years you will experience real pressure when you go tp bed every night thinking how are you gonna to pay from your own money, the water bill, the energy bill, the internet bill, the cellphone bill, the healthcare bill, the TV bill, the vehicle loan bill, the rent or mortgage bill, food bill, gasoline bill, cloth bill, alcohol, cigarretes, restaurants, night clubs, drugs, bitches, travel bills, gym bill, etc, etc, etc... ypur life is so easy right now, so enjoy it while you cant and stop worrrying abkut stupid things

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