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My lab partner came to class stoned AGAIN! So i did all the work myself as he laughed at lab equipment. I'm doing bad in this class and I gotta babysit this kid and do complex algebra? People always talk about how stoners can be smart and competent as well. I'm sure they can... when they are sober. This isn't one of them. I can't fail this class.

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  • I have this final year project partner who does nothing, worse still my faculty tells me that if the board finds out that only I performed the whole project they will be deducting marks considering ill project management on student's behalf. This sucks. Trust me when I say 'I am the nicest guy' you will ever know around the campus and even I call him an 'asshole'. So dear, I understand how you feel. If you ask me, I want to set his hair on fire and then extinguish the fire before it reaches his skin with a CO2 extinguisher and maybe punch him once really hard but actions of other people should not make us miserable human beings. So get back up and make your lab journal and rock this goddamn chemistry lab. I wish you good luck.

  • beat his meat

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