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I'm a young adult female and haven't had my "cycle" come in many months. I have been very depressed to go to the doctor and talk to someone about it. I know I'm not pregnant because first, my ex and I had sex and after I had a few cycles and then nothing. I'm scared to tell ny doctor because I feel like I've waited to long and she may wander why I didn't go to her sooner. I just couldn't pull myself out of the gutter. Do depression do this to anyone to a point of not taking care of things like this?

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  • This is SERIOUS. You could have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and you need to protect your fertility and future health. No periods can cause cancer. Get checked. Don't let a little embarrassment keep you from action.

  • fear is a natural response to the unknown but don't let it get you down, the first step makes a difference big or small

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